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Applying for a Tuition Scholarship

Awards made by ACSTO can only be used to pay for tuition for students currently enrolled in grades K-12 at a private Christian school (or at least planning to attend K-12 in the semester following the award process).  If your child is not currently enrolled, or at least in the enrollment process, at the school named on your scholarship application, ACSTO cannot make an award.

You must also have a current and complete application in order to be considered for available scholarship awards.  Click here to see our timeline–all applications expire at the end of April, regardless of when we received them. A complete application and/or a donor's recommendation is no guarantee for a scholarship. ACSTO's selection committees have complete discretion regarding all scholarships awarded.  You are able to apply through one of the methods below:

 The application deadline for our Fall Award Cycle is September 30
(only for those who haven't submitted a 14-15 application yet).



Expect the online process to take about 20 minutes. You will need to write a narrative about your child and have income information available for all members of your household.  Once you've started the online application, don't leave the computer for any length of time as it could time-out and lose the information you already entered.

If you qualify for the Overflow/PLUS program as a public school switcher or Corporate/Overflow recipient, you will need to submit a verification form (see forms below) or award letter separately in the mail. Military families will have the option to upload their military orders. Kindergartners do not need to submit any additional paperwork.


By Mail, E-Mail or Fax

Complete the application and mail it to ACSTO with any additional paperwork. While we do everything we can to notify parents and schools when paperwork is needed, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure ACSTO received a completed application and/or any required Overflow/PLUS paperwork. 

If you qualify for the Overflow/PLUS program as a public school switcher or Corporate/Overflow recipient, you will need to include a verification form (see forms below) or award letter. Military families will need to include a copy of their military orders. Kindergartners do not need to include any additional paperwork.

Print & Fill Out
Scholarship Application
(14-15 school year)


Does your child qualify for an
Overflow/PLUS Scholarship?

If your child qualifies for the Overflow/PLUS program (click here for a qualification cheat-sheet; a child only needs to meet one of them), fill out the appropriate Verification Form for the one your child qualifies for and mail it to ACSTO. If you have an award letter available, you may use that instead of a Corporate or Overflow Form.

Corporate Scholarship
Public School Attendence
Previous Overflow/
PLUS Scholarship 
  • Students who qualify as kindergarteners do not need to submit any additional paperwork.
  • Military families will need to include a copy of their military orders.
  • These cannot be signed by the parent or private school, they must be given to the scholarship organization that made the award or public school the child attended.
  • Students who qualify because they already submitted qualifying paperwork OR received an Overflow/PLUS scholarship from ACSTO do not need to submit any additional paperwork, as we will already have that on file. 

ACSTO: Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization

Notice: A school tuition organization cannot award, restrict, or reserve scholarships solely on the basis of a donor’s recommendation. A taxpayer may not claim a tax credit if the taxpayer agrees to swap donations with another taxpayer to benefit either taxpayer’s own dependent. A.R.S. 43-1603 (C)

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