What to Expect

What is Involved With Being A Partner School?

ACSTO is proud to be currently partnered with 134 private Christian schools in Arizona.  We don't take this partnership lightly.  We value the friendship of the schools we support and always keep the lines of communication open between us.  

What you Can Expect from ACSTO

There is much that ACSTO can provide for your school.

Answer Questions

ACSTO is well-known for excellent customer service, and is readily available to answer any questions you may have regarding the tax credit program and how we operate.  You are always welcome to give us a call.


ACSTO has donation brochures, frequent questions brochures, and scholarship applications available in any quantity your school may require so that you always have enough to hand out.  You can call or visit our Literature page.


ACSTO has a team of energetic and knowledgeable Coordinators whose job is to promote and communicate the tax credit program for parents, churches, and schools alike.  Every partner school is assigned one of our coordinators, who are available to make presentations at your school, either for your staff, at parent meetings, and even at school events like homecoming, football games, and fundraisers.  Parents love having an actual representative from ACSTO in person to describe how the program works.  Make sure to take advantage of this resource and invite a coordinator to speak at your events!  You can do this by calling 480.820.0403 and ask for a coordinator to come to your school.


One way to effectively generate donations specifically for your school is to sign up for a mailing with ACSTO.  This is a service that ACSTO provides for all our partner schools who want it on an annual basis.  With all expenses paid, we work together to develop a mailing piece that goes out to all the people on your school's mailing list.  This letter is to describe how your school benefits from the tuition tax credit scholarship program and requests that they help your school by making a tax credit donation to ACSTO.  Call us at 480.820.0403 to set up a meeting with one of our Coordinators.

Provide Resources and Support

ACSTO has been working with the tax credit program since it started in 1998 with an experienced and motivated leadership and staff of hard-working individuals who are actively involved with education and the school choice movement.  We do our best to stay on top of current trends, news, and research regarding tax credit scholarships and school choice, incorporating it into our own operations for best internal practice, for accurate communication of the program, and to provide documentation in support of what we stand for.  All this is available to be utilized, especially for your parents, who are desperate to find ways to convince Arizona taxpayers that this is a legitimate and profitable program.  Much of what we have available and what we have found is available in the Resource sections of our website. 

Scholarship Awards

The purpose of all these benefits ultimately results in scholarship awards for students at your school.  This is the bottom line.  Whenever donors identify your school on their donation, ACSTO will make sure that money is awarded as a scholarship for students at your school.  While we cannot guarantee that any scholarship will go to a particular child, we can say with confidence that the money will be used for a student at your school.

What ACSTO Expects from You

Trust, Accuracy, Integrity

Once signed up as a partner school, ACSTO honors that partnership with trust.  We trust that your school will be honest, accurate, and upfront with all our dealings, as we hope that you trust us just the same.  We at ACSTO take every measure to abide by the law and operate with utmost integrity and likewise, we expect the same of your school.  If there is ever any question regarding procedure or law, we hope that you will not be afraid to contact us so that we can discuss it.  As such, we expect that your school is familiar with tax credit law and keeps the ACSTO school packet handy somewhere in the office for reference.

Be a Cheerleader for the Tax Credit Program

You, as the school, are the closest voice we have to a continuous and motivated group of people - parents.  They are the ones who benefit most from a scholarship, therefore they have the most incentive to find donors who are willing to make a donation to ACSTO for your school, naming their child as a potential recipient.  And with every new child who walks through your doors, there are new parents to recruit.  

As a benefiting party of the tuition scholarships, the schools have incentive to be an active voice promoting ACSTO and the tuition tax credits to all their parents.  The parents, in turn, will spread this knowledge by word of mouth to all their various social circles.  The word of mouth is a powerful tool.  ACSTO is willing to provide any amount of literature that our schools may need in order to effectively communicate this program.  Please display our literature in a prominent place and encourage parent participation whenever possible.


Also, throughout the year, there will be various pieces of communication by mail and/or fax, especially in the month prior to each of our three award cycles.  Please do your best to process this correspondence as quickly and accurately as possible.  This is because many of our procedures rely on this information from our schools, and it is often time-sensitive.  So please keep contact information up-to-date, and make sure that whoever is your main contact is able to receive and respond to correspondence quickly.


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